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Welcome to <Tag> Tuesday! In this series, we will feature participants from past/current She Hacks Africa cohorts. Catch up every week to learn about the diverse backgrounds of people that participant in our program.

<Tag> You’re it Miriam!


What is your name?

Miriam Aboh

Where are you originally from?

Benue State, Nigeria


What is your major?



Which cohort were you a part of?

Cohort 1


How did you hear about She Hacks Africa?

From WAAW Foundation


Why did you decide to apply for the She Hacks Africa program?

I wanted to learn more about computer programming.


What is your favorite television show?

Girl Meets World


What are some of your hobbies?

Listening to worship songs, watching DIY videos and playing with my baby brother.


What impact did She Hacks Africa have on you?

Prior to She Hack Africa, I didn’t have any experience in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It exposed me to writing code and the thought process behind building a website that would be very user friendly.






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