The She Hacks Africa Coding Bootcamp is an initiative of WAAW Foundation involved in an intensive in-person and virtual training workshop, where African youths learn software programming, Mobile App development, product design and then practice what they have learned in project-based exercises that aim to simulate the every-day work environment and build their self-confidence as community change-makers, technology innovators and entrepreneurs thereby setting them up for a deep dive into a comprehensive startup to build a functioning prototype or launch their idea by the end of the program.

Our Mission

Empower African youths in technology and software programming through affordable education, quality instruction, and individualized mentorship.

Our Vision

Empower African youths as community change makers and technology innovators while giving them relevant skills to build technology enterprises.

Objectives & Strategies

Our overall goal is to tackle the apparent gaps in formal education systems by providing an accelerated path for motivated African youths to develop the coding skills that are in high demand today.

Our target audience includes African youths (women & men); aged 18-40 years; with little or no experience in coding; in-school/undergraduate, graduates, out-of-school, and ICT professionals.

Through continuous and intensive training focused on simulated, real-world application, our students are able to quickly integrate into existing technology company teams and initiate their technology start-ups. Our participants have the opportunity to meet and network with mentors and role models who will inspire and motivate them to stay in the profession and be shaped to become future leaders.

Ultimately, we hope to inspire 100% of our participants to advance their careers as Software Programmer, Mobile App developer Product Designer, Community Leaders, Technology Innovators and Entrepreneurs.

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She Hacks Africa coding Bootcamp offers 3-4 week curricula in software development, Mobile App design, product design, entrepreneurship, and leadership. The range of programming languages and platforms concentrates on full-stack web development and mobile app development including HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, React, React Hooks, MEAN Stack (Mongo DB, Express, Angular JS, Node JS), Vue, and flutter.

We also offer UI/UX and product design courses. We expose participants to various development platforms, code integration tools like GitHub, and software testing and debugging tools. Our participants learn agile development methodologies and other key elements including communication, documentation/record keeping, and morals/ethics needed to succeed in a technology position. The workshop learning experience is project-based with lectures, collaborative work, and real-world exercises making up the instructional framework.

Our curriculum also includes the development of projects, portfolio & CV, Ethics, Mentorship and coaching for interviews and salary negotiation, and Soft skills courses (communication and public speaking skills).