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 Apply Now for (S)he Hacks Africa Coding Boot Camp – May Cohort

Learn how to create your own Web and Mobile apps using:

HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, JAVASCRIPT & JQUERY, PHP & MySQL, WordPress, GitHub, Node.JS, Ionic Framework for Mobile App Development.

Our training workshop will give you the know-how to get started, boost your Employability, Entrepreneurship & Leadership skills and productivity by learning to Code and hosting your Websites.

Tuition Fee: FREE (Full-scholarship by Act foundation and Access bank) 

Commitment Fee: 5,000 naira (Compulsory)

Eligibility Criteria
1. Must be an African youth, 18 years and above.
2. Should be completing or have completed University or Higher Education.
3. Must have a strong academic background.
4. Prior experience coding or a degree in STEM is encouraged but not required.


If you have any questions about the admissions process or tuition for the program, please contact us at or call +234-806-313-5150