My experience at the She Hacks Africa was a much needed one, I had wanted to learn how to write codes. I attended Google developers festival last year in Abuja, Nigeria and I felt so left out because everyone else was basically a programmer and they all had a language. I learned a few things but I wished I knew how to code so I could understand what exactly they were talking about. I was so glad that I got to actually write out programs and see them work.

My understanding on web design is so much better now because of the classes we had on HTML, Java script and CSS at the She Hacks Africa, and we had amazing teachers tutoring us, they were so patient with us and we all had a great time.

I will build on this foundation by teaching others now that I know that writing codes is not as complicated as I thought. I will effectively teach others, which includes the girls we are mentoring in our STEM chapter, my friends and basically anyone who is interested in learning.