She Hacks Africa Coding Boot Camp

We live in a world where technology is continuing to evolve. Technology is drastically changing how we do everything in our lives. It’s more common than ever to get around using Uber or Taxify, technology-driven transportation companies. Companies like Quick Teller and PayPal are changing how we pay for things. It seems every industry is being radically impacted by how technology is shaping the world around us. Software is taking over the world. This shift changes how we live our lives, but also requires employees with software engineering skills capable of building the technology that we all use.

Attending a coding boot camp is a viable path to transition into a career in web development as an alternative (or supplement) to graduating with a 4 year degree in Computer Science to helping fill the need of skilled software engineers in industry.

Most computer science students spend 4 years completing their degree. Computer Science degrees includes classes on wide range of topics relevant to computing. Most students will take classes on programming and software development. In addition, when taking a four year degree, there are many classes on topics like networking, operating systems and computing theory that are helpful for understanding the topic in academia, but that are disconnected from the daily life of a software developer in the real world. She Hacks Africa Coding boot camp isolate the most relevant skills from a 4 year degree and infuse it with relevant industry skills to bridge the gap between the theoretical world of academia and the real world that meets the current needs of the industry.

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Despite the two programs being different, both a four-year degree in Computer Science and graduating from a quality boot camp can provide a viable path to starting a career as a web developer.

She Hacks Coding Boot camp focus on high-impact learning and teach only the skills that will prove to be most relevant in the real-world. These programs focus intensely to skill our attendees with exactly what they will need to be successful coding in the professional world. The Boot Camp is ideal for people who want to obtain the technical skills that will help them become employable.

Application is open for She Hacks Coding Boot Camp in Lagos and Abuja. Learn how to create your own Web and Mobile App. Our training workshop will give you the know-how to get started, boost your Employability, Entrepreneurship & Leadership skills and productivity by learning to Code and hosting your Websites.

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