About Us

She Hacks Africa is a hands-on coding boot camp that aims to build self-confidence in African youths as change agents and technology innovators in their communities while giving them relevant skills to build technology enterprises.

What Our Participants Say


During the She Hacks Africa coding boot camp, I learnt some basics about JavaScript, CSS and HTML, things I hadn’t learnt before the camp experience. This has affected the way I see web pages now, because now I think critically about how they were created and how I would want to create mine someday. I would like to build on this foundation to help create an app or website that would solve a problem in my country.

Adetayo  Omotoyosi  Aleolu

She hacks Africa Coding Bootcamp is a very important programme every youths who wish to make something out of their future should be in

Amiokhaibhor  Theola

The boot camp has  changed my life, it did not only teach me coding but great life lessons in maximizing my potential and impacting  my  society