Amiokhaibhor  Theola

The boot camp has  changed my life, it did not only teach me coding but great life lessons in maximizing my potential and impacting  my  society 

Yemisi Ajao 

With little foundation knowledge on coding , WAAW foundation team via she hacks Africa groomed me intensively on coding and not only that with leadership and  entrepreneurship skills . I believe I now have what it take to be a world class developer .thank you so much  

Issah Saadat

She hacks Africa  is  a life changing opportunity and  glad  I was  opportune to be here.  before I came  here  I always  see  java script , mysqi , jquery,  like things  really difficult I had  no  knowledge on  bootstrap and  what  it’s used for . I am  very  excited to say  I  learn a lot about  not  just programming but leadership and  entrepreneurship . it was  really a life changing  experience on now eager i learn more  and  till my  friends about the experience . thank you for impacting our life 

Christopher Okafor

This is like a dream come true, because I have always wanted to be a web developer infact  I felt fulfilled .and I owe WAAW foundation some acknowledgment they really inspired me, I really enjoyed the boot camp thanks to you all.

Ibiaka Mariam

It was a very wonderful and so very experience going to know more about software development leadership quality business aspect which  make  it  all  the  more enthralling and lovely ,the teachers were parent and made us feel welcome and comfortable  , thanks to them for this wonderful experience 

Oluwaseyi Boya

She hacks Africa for me has been  impactful to me and I am motivated to pursue a career in software development 

Adetayo  Omotoyosi  Aleolu

She hacks Africa programming is a very important programming every youth who wish to make something out of their future should be in

Ibrahim Mohammed

I wanted to understand programming language and become an entrepreneur with the help of SHA boot camp I am totally fulfilled .she hacks Africa is a life changing program for me, that taught me a lot about coding entrepreneurship and leadership which I never believe I could have in just one month. 

Fatoye Jesuferanmi Ibukun

She hacks Africa introduced me to the world of coding and entrepreneurship thanks to she hacks Africa for bringing out the leadership skills in me and making me speak computer language

Ezenwafor Ikenna

I come here not having the knowledge of how to write or code and at a little time I can write codes html, css, java script,  etc. its a very big improvement for me .thank you  she hacks Africa for this privilege 

Iyenoma provu

Waaw foundation is a life changing organization that every  Nigeria  youth  should  engage with . Coming to waaw foundation I had a zero knowledge on web development but with my  few weeks with them  I now have  a firm foundation of programming and  my  interest  of  become entrepreneur I won’t feel relent about.


My experience at the She Hacks Africa was a much needed one, I had wanted to learn how to write codes. I attended Google developers festival last year in Abuja, Nigeria and I felt so left out because everyone else was basically a programmer and they all had a language. I learned a few things but I wished I knew how to code so I could understand what exactly they were talking about. I was so glad that I got to actually write out programs and see them work.

My understanding on web design is so much better now because of the classes we had on HTML, Java script and CSS at the She Hacks Africa, and we had amazing teachers tutoring us, they were so patient with us and we all had a great time.

I will build on this foundation by teaching others now that I know that writing codes is not as complicated as I thought. I will effectively teach others, which includes the girls we are mentoring in our STEM chapter, my friends and basically anyone who is interested in learning.


During the She Hacks Africa coding boot camp, I learnt some basics about JavaScript, CSS and HTML, things I hadn’t learnt before the camp experience. This has affected the way I see web pages now, because now I think critically about how they were created and how I would want to create mine someday. I would like to build on this foundation to help create an app or website that would solve a problem in my country.


I was privileged to attend She Hacks Africa coding boot-camp this year 2017 from January 23rd to February 10th, and it was a great experience. I was taught coding in HTML, CSS, Javascript, WordPress, Phonegap App Development, Scratch and how the Arduino board works. I also met important men and women in technology.

Seeing how they were making it in life, I was inspired further. They were really improving our present society with their skills, which was very encouraging. Furthermore, I really enjoyed the camp: meeting amazing colleagues, learning from great mentors, and getting to know each other.

Presently, I am a mentor to a group of four amazing young girls, who have entered the 2017 Technovation Challenge. Working together with one of my mentors from WAAW foundation, we teach and inspire them on Coding and App Development.

I am also teaching some of my fellow colleagues, while learning in the process also.

It was truly a great honor and privilege to train at AWELE Academy, WAAW Foundation.


I spent three (3) challenging weeks in the FCT Abuja Nigeria. I arrived Abuja with just my laptop and suitcase but left exposed to big opportunities that abound in Tech, armed with knowledge on HTML, CSS, WordPress , mobile app development, and built a responsive website! What more can I possibly ask for? Thanks to WAAW Foundation, my tutors were wonderful. What are you waiting for? Let WAAW Foundation guide you through the world of tech. #thenewme #womanintech #digitalnormadinthemaking!


I am IKPESU LUCY from Delta State University’s Cell Camp. Been at the 3-week WAAW/AWELE Academy boot-camp was one of the most amazing experience I have ever had. I was greatly inspired by Dr. Unoma Okorafor, Mrs. Mercy, Kishua Smith Rogers, and Vanessa Oguananam, who dedicated their time to build our generation. They were so lovely, full of wisdom and encouragement. I learnt lots of skills I never imagined knowing so soon. The most interesting of them was having great passion for software development. Honestly, I am happy to participate in the boot-camp. Seeing myself building a Web App was so amazing. I had fun. Thanks to Dr. Unoma Okorafor, executives and facilitators of WAAW Foundation for giving us their best. I am indeed inspired and motivated. It’s an event I will never forget.


The She Hack Africa Abuja coding boot-camp was more than an experience for me, it was a realization of possible thinking. It was one of such events that transforms the thinking process of anyone ranging from the mentoring session to the creative session to the coding session as well. The materials are clearly understood. I have been coaching my teammates on what I have learnt so far, and we are working together to create spectacular innovation that would solve a problem in Nigeria.